Nick and Scott Bell were born and raised in Innisfail Alberta, much like the ingredients and inspirations for their beers. After finishing high school, Nick went on to play hockey and attend university, while Scott worked as a welder at a local shop in Innisfail. Once both brothers were back in the area, they decided to find a project they would both be interested in...


Our Story

They decided to purchase a 1972 Chevrolet truck, in hopes to restore it. Although the initial plan was to restore the truck, they ended up enjoying the beer drinking more than fixing. Eventually the ideas started to flow as quickly as the beer, and it was decided that they would sell the truck and get into brewing beer. 

Brewing beer started out as a hobby in the garage and is continuing to grow into a business they never dreamt they would have. They have been fortunate to have the support of their family, friends and town. Who knew everyone would be so willing to be their taste testers!