the beer

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Tree Top Citrus Ale

Light, easy drinking blonde ale with and orange citrus finish. 

ABV - 3.8%

IBU - 14

SRM - 10


Trail Head Blonde Ale

The beginning of a trail that leads to something remarkable at the end.

This light blond ale is smooth and easy drinking beer for everyone that is scared to try something darker.

ABV - 4.5%

IBU - 18

SRM - 5


Berkley Honey Amber

The famous ice cream loving bear from the Innisfail Wildlife park inspired this tasty honey ale. With mild bitterness and a great sent of honey, make a good beer.

ABV - 5.5%, IBU - 35, SRM - 15


Morning Wood Amber

Arising each morning to a vibrant sunrise, taking that first deep breath of fresh air is how this beer tastes. It explodes of a caramel sweetness that just over powers the hop bitterness. A brilliant red ale.

ABV - 5.2%, IBU - 25, SRM - 15


Naughty Pine Wheat Ale 

The Naughty Pine was alone tree founded by early pioneers to the Innisfail area. Tales tells of the tree throwing pinecones down upon the people sleeping beneath. This beer started as an ill-behaved seeding which evolved into a smooth enjoyable wheat ale. Encompassing citrus making it a well-rounded beer for any occasion. 

ABV - 5%, IBU - 24, SRM - 6


Kodiak Brown Ale

A Kodiak is a majestic Brown Bear that is king of the woods. The bear is fearless and will consume anything he sets his sights on. Just like this dark brown ale, once you set your eyes on it, you can't help but consume it.

ABV - 5.5%

IBU - 22

SRM - 30


Pizzly Pale Ale

Pizzly is what you get when you combine a majestic polar bear and a fearless grizzly bear. A Pizzly Bear combines the best features of the two bears just like this West Coast Pale Ale. Smooth crisp characteristics of a lager and the juiciness of an IPA.

ABV - 5.0%, IBU - 36


Burnt Timber Stout

This dark stout has its own share of chocolate taste along side a balance of mild bitterness. With its great roasted finish it will be a beer you will come back to.

ABV - 6.1%

IBU - 50

SRM - 38


New England IPA

We started by throwing in some hops, then we added some more hops and then topped it off with, you guessed it, more hops. This juicy IPA will allow you to taste those hops.

 ABV - 6.5%

IBU - 42


Gnarly Stump IPA

Cruisin’ down the hill on your two wheeler, dodging  trees and branches, there is always that one Gnarley Stump that comes out of nowhere and gets you. This IPA is one of those Gnarley Stumps that will jump out at you and knock you down.

ABV - 6.0%, IBU - 60, SRM - 9



Other Beverages


Bitchin' Berry Ale

This Berry Ale is made with real raspberries to bring you a flavourful fruity beer. The Bitchin' Berry Ale will bring all the bitches to the yard, so stop bitchin' about the name and start bitchin' about other bitches.

ABV - 3.5%


Diamond 7 Pilsner

This beer was brewed in support of the Diamond 7 Development project to upgrade the local ball Diamond. In addition to supporting the activities of existing users, the upgraded facility, once complete, will also enhance the community’s ability to attract outside/external teams and users, ultimately creating ‘spinoff’ benefits for the entire community.

Profits from this beer will be donated to the Diamond 7 development.

Not to mention it is a damn good beer.

ABV - 4.0%, IBU - 22


Vodka Mango Peeler

Mango, Lemon, Orange, Vodka sweet and lightly carbonated.

this is a true fan favourite and is sure to please any non beer drinker.

ABV - 4.5%


Bear Paw Vodka Soda

This cool refreshing vodka soda is hand crafted in house with no sugar added. Try our new flavours Lemon Lime, Lemon Raspberry and  Blood Orange.

ABV - 4.0%