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The Beer

Poplar Grove

Poplar Grove, the original name for Innisfail, is known for one of the best areas on the Canadian plains for planting and agriculture. This is where we get our premium malt barley right here in our back yards. With little hop aroma, a biscuit touch and a nice smooth finish, Poplar Grove is an easy drinking blonde beer.


ABV- 4.5%

IBU- 18

SRM- 5

Burt Timber

This dark stout has its own share of chocolate taste along side a balance of mild bitterness. With its great roasted finish it will be a beer you will come back to.


ABV- 6.1%

IBU- 50

SRM- 38

The famous ice cream loving bear from the Innisfail Wildlife park inspired this tasty honey ale. With mild bitterness and a great sent of honey, make a good beer.
ABV- 5.5%
IBU- 35
SRM- 15

Morning Wood

Arising each morning to a vibrant sunrise, taking that first deep breath of fresh air is how this beer tastes. It explodes of a caramel sweetness that just over powers the hop bitterness. A brilliant red ale.


ABV- 5.2%

IBU- 25

SRM- 15

Naughty Pine

The Naughty Pine was alone tree founded by early pioneers to the Innisfail area. Tales tells of the tree throwing pinecones down upon the people sleeping beneath. This beer started as an ill-behaved seeding which evolved into a smooth enjoyable wheat ale. Encompassing citrus making it a well-rounded beer for any occasion. 

ABV- 5%

IBU- 24

SRM- 6