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Pizzly Pale Ale

What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a grizzly? One fierce Pizzly!! Offering up the best of both worlds, our Pizzly Pale Ale blends the hoppy flavour of an IPA and the crisp taste of a Pale Ale. Our Pizzlay Pale Ale pairs best with food! This beer is made with simplicity in mind; toasted pale malt, ale beer yeast, and hops help tease out flavour or cleanse the palate, preparing you for another bite.

ABV - 5.0%, IBU - 36


Tree Top

Citrus Ale

Our light, citrus ale will have you feeling summertime ready no matter the season! Made with fresh citrus fruit and a light hop flavour, this brew is easy to enjoy any day of the week. With a smooth and rounded finish, this beer is best for those who love lighter brews.

ABV - 3.8%

IBU - 14

SRM - 10



 Blonde Ale

Inspired by the hard work, commitment and tenacity of the LAL Family Farms, this brew is a tribute to our local farmers! Brewed with LAL Farms grain and locally grown malt, this blonde ale is an easy-drinking beer that is smooth tasting with a minor hop flavour. This brew is a classic, known for its simplicity!

ABV - 3.5%

IBU - 18

SRM - 5



Honey Amber

Get in touch with your wild side with this tasty honey ale! Named after Innisfail’s resident bear Berkley, this Honey Ale is for all you nature lovers out there. With a forward flavour of honey and a mild bitterness finish, this amber ale is easy drinking for all those that want to kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoors!

ABV - 5.5%, IBU - 35, SRM - 15


Morning Wood

Amber Ale

Don’t be afraid to pitch a tent and enjoy this beer! A brilliant caramel red ale, our Morning Wood Red Ale, has inspired quite a few chuckles around the taproom and at events. It doesn’t just have a great name, it’s also a great beer. For those that love a darker brew, red ales and any brew with a slight caramel finish, this one’s for you.

ABV - 5.2%, IBU - 25 

SRM - 15

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Peach Please


Thicc & Juicy, this fruity sour is guaranteed to make you say PEACH PLEASE! With all the flavour of your favourite sour, punched with juicy and tart peach flavour, this brew is sure to be your new favourite.

ABV - 5% IBU - 20


Burnt Timber


Chocolatey, rich, and with a hint of roasted flavour, this hearty Burnt Timber Stout is sure to please! This dark stout is perfectly balanced with a mild bitterness that will have you wanting more! We recommend enjoying a pint cozied-up fireside!

ABV - 6.1%

IBU - 50

SRM - 38




 Look at what you’ve stumbled upon, hop lovers! This East Coast-style IPA is based on a very simple recipe: hops, more hops, and then topped off with, you guessed it, more hops. After a few too many of these brews, you’re sure to be feeling a little bit wobbly!

 ABV - 6.5%

IBU - 42

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Mulligan Mango Ale

We like big putts and we cannot lie! Get your golf on with this tropical Mango Ale packed full of juicy mango flavor and a light hoppy taste. This one is for all the beer lovers out there that like to drink on the golf course

ABV - 4.5%, IBU - 14



Other Beverages

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Smokin' Fire Red Ale

You'll want to experience this unique craft brew! Using 60-year-old Maple planks, we smoke our malted barley for over 4 hours to infuse this red ale with its smokey goodness. This red ale is easy to drink without losing all of that incredible flavour! Our Smokin Fire Red Ale is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and give you a truly unique flavour experience.⁠

ABV - 5.6% IBU: 22


Vodka Mango Peeler

Mango, Lemon, Orange, Vodka sweet and lightly carbonated.

this is a true fan favourite and is sure to please any non beer drinker.

ABV - 4.5%


Bear Paw Vodka Soda

This cool refreshing vodka soda is hand-crafted in house with no sugar added. Try our new flavours Lemon Lime, Lemon Raspberry and  Blood Orange.

ABV - 4.0%

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